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Dick Copello

Fine Artist

In 1971, Dick Copello’s interest in fine arts blossomed under the mentoring of Richard Michael Gibney of Rockport, MA. A life long relationship began and Gibney’s belief that, as an artist, one should work in as many mediums as possible: oil, acrylic, water color, colored pencil, pastel, egg emulsion and egg tempera are reflected in Copello’s work. This philosophy applies to subject matter as well and Dick’s broad range of thematic choices includes wildlife and birds, still lifes, landscapes, seascapes, nudes, portraits, architectural renderings. Since retiring from 31-year teaching career teaching English, Civics and World History, Dick has had more time to devote to his other passions: fine woodworking, wood carving, stone carving, stained glass, poetry, music and gardening. Philosophically, he feels that an artist’s life is enriched by the pursuance of the creation of beauty in any medium or form.

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