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Marianne F. Buckley Curran


To Marianne F. Buckley Curran, art is a visual form of communication. So much of what we experience in life is through this sense. If, as an artist I can capture a moment in time and convey that into a painting that other people can also reflect upon, experience and hopefully appreciate then I have met my goal. I strive for three things when I create a composition. First to express the idea, “What am I trying to say?” The piece must have a clear message. Secondly that message must be delivered in a good design that enhances and supports the objective and thirdly but no less important, is the effect of light on the form, with local colors and in conjunction with what I am saying. For the past few years I have dedicated myself to the development of my personal artistic voice. The creative process, which has given substance to my voice, is not only fed and stimulated visually but also through my additional senses of smell, hearing, taste and touch. Living in Hull, I can witness firsthand the coolness of an ocean breeze, the taste of the salt air, the fine spray upon my face, the crash of the tide upon the bank

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