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If you have ever desired to wield a brush over canvas, inscribe in pen and ink or just enjoy the company and talent of fellow artists, then we encourage you to take part in our classes and workshops.   Discover the talent that may lie within you and sign up now!

Figure/Portait Workshop
with Bob Beaulieu



We’re offering an opportunity to paint, draw and study the figure and portrait (clothed). Open session starts 7:00 PM  until 10:00 PM.  Space is limited to 8 attendees. Announcements by email. Think Second Wednesday! Questions and confirmation, email:

The ABC's of Drawing, Sketching and Painting for Pleasure with Tony Visco

Tony Visco classes and workshop.webp

Wednesday mornings: 10:30 am - 12:30pm

Join Tony Visco’s online live stream instruction in sketching and painting your way to success. Tony's instruction focuses on giving each student individual attention in order to improve drawing, sketching and painting skills. Tony will teach sketching and painting techniques, basic perspective, and how to use value studies for better composition. Learn how to interpret what you see as you sketch, draw and paint sea, land and city scapes, all from the comfort of your home or studio.  Classes are ongoing.  Sign up at    For details on materials, online class fee, email Tony at

WATERCOLOR - Beginners to Advanced Mary Beth LoPiccolo.


Thursday afternoons: 2:00-5:00

Mary Beth is a highly successful artist with experience in both teaching and commercial art.  Her class meets at various locations around Scituate and surrounding towns. Suitable for beginners as well as the advanced student, her class provides a relaxed atmosphere which encourages growth and development. Each class includes demonstrations and critiques along with individual attention. Sessions will focus on painting from still life and photographs, emphasizing technique.

$30 per session for members

$150 members for 5 sessions.
$175 nonmembers for 5 sessions.