Current Show

“New Beginnings” -

From Thursday January 7th to Sunday January 31st, the Front Street Art Gallery will feature “New Beginnings”, a show that welcomes in 2021 with new hopes and dreams.  The Gallery will be filled with sunrises, lighthouses with beacons to guide, solo walks on a winter beach, birds’ nests, and spring flowers, all paintings and photographs showing the resilience of nature and man. Come, browse and chose something to brighten your heart.

FEATURED ARTIST:  Bart Blumberg, Photographer

Bart Blumberg, a resident of Boston’s South Shore, has photographed and exhibited much of the natural beauty and iconic features of the area.  His coastal landscapes, moonrises, sunrises, and sunsets are well known through exhibitions, social media, and his occasional appearance at arts festivals and shows.  Bart is also an avid world traveler and enjoys the challenge of capturing local people, culture, architecture, and natural beauty.

As a creative artist whose medium is photography, Bart seeks to take photographs that express his creative vision as a fine art painter would do. This technique of “creative visualization” is a style used by many of the masters of photography.   While "every picture (should) tell a story," sometimes it’s simply the feelings that are created in the viewer that are the story. Bart is drawn to beauty and is affected by the basic elements of art such as light, color, composition, pattern, and texture.


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