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Janet Cornacchio


Currently Janet paints in vibrant watercolor with a style that is heading towards expressionism and a bit abstracted. She focuses on flowers and birds because of her love of gardening. Working in the garden and studying backyard birds have resulted in an innate understanding of her flowers and the garden’s avian visitors. My journey from parental influence through college art history study and work with many local artists now resonates in my work. I am now able to take advantage of my dad’s advice and skill. Good form and design are important, but of paramount interest is color: intense, subtle, flowing or controlled. Color tells the story. Realism has been done; extreme contemporary art goes too far with its personal symbolism. Whether revealing the richness of an apple, the tilt of a bird’s head or the delicacy of a daffodil, color fascinates. Its variety abounds within even a single water drop or rose petal. I hope you share my vision and find it satisfyingly fulfilled in my works. Janet has been the president of the Scituate Arts Association since 2008.

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