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Buckley Curran, Light Keeper's Residence oil
LoPiccolo,At Rest, watercolor
Kathy M Summer Meadow
Scituate’s Front Street Art Gallery Presents
“The Art of Plein Air:   
Marianne Buckley-Curran, Mary LoPiccolo, and Kathleen Mogayzel”

Looking for a piece of art produced ‘en plein air’? Marianne Buckley-Curran, Mary LoPiccolo, and Kathleen Mullins Mogayzel are bringing works painted outdoors - just like the Impressionists were famous for- to the Front Street Art Gallery from August 17th to September 11th.  Come and enjoy the outside inside our newly restored Gallery.


Featured Artists:


Marianne Buckley-Curran feels as an artist she can capture a moment in time and convey it in a painting that other people can reflect upon, experience and appreciate. She strives for three things when creating a composition: first, to express the idea, “What is she trying to say?” The piece must have a clear message; second, the message must be delivered in a design that enhances and supports the objective; and third, but no less important, is the effect of light on the form, with local colors and in conjunction with what she’s saying. For the past few years, Curran has dedicated herself to the development of her personal artistic voice. The creative process is not only fed and stimulated visually, but also through the additional senses of smell, hearing, taste and touch that she feels by the sea.


Mary LoPiccolo a graduate the Philadelphia College of Art, is a highly successful artist with experience in both teaching and commercial art.  On arrival in Massachusetts, Mary continued her studies with Jack Callahan and Constance Flavell Pratt, both early SAA teachers. She soon became involved in the SAA where she has been an active member, gallery artist and teacher for many years. Able to work in almost any medium, Mary chose to focus on watercolor where her years of repeated practice allows her fingers to dance on the canvas like a pianist on the keys. She is an expert at weaving both experience and the subconscious to create an organic whole.  Today, Mary continues to teach at both the SAA’s Ellis House and Plymouth.  Her SAA “Atelier” group often paints plein air with her where they benefit from her skills and experience of painting outdoors, so different from studio work.


Kathleen Mullins Mogayzel received a B.A. in art from Regis College in Weston, MA, and studied graphic arts, painting and printmaking at several institutions. She has studied with established New England artists in various mediums. Kathleen's artistic visions begin in nature. The South Shore and South Coast tidal marshes and wildlife have been the main source of subject matter for her artistic creations – prints, oils and acrylics and mixed media. She has studied with noted area painters Sergio Roffo and Margaret Mc Wethy in plein air for several years. In addition, she has been a printmaker for more than sixteen years with Esther Maschio. Printmaking has loosened up her painting approach and honed her use of pigments to create unique and rich colors on her palette in all her mediums.