THURSDAY—Drawing, Sketching & Painting—Online Class
THURSDAY—Drawing, Sketching & Painting—Online Class



Classes and Workshops

Summer Plein Air Session 2020

 Offerings include our popular ongoing outdoor watercolor group with Mary Beth LoPiccoloTony Visco continues to offer a Zoom online offering of Drawing and Sketching & Watercolor Painting class on Wednesday mornings.  He will help student learn to see in a relaxed atmosphere with lots of hands-on experimentation.  And don’t forget our outdoor Wednesday Figure/Portrait Workshop. Classes.

We are planning some workshops for the Fall when hopefully we won’t need to restrict class numbers. Lainey Laing is working on some great new recycling and environmentally conscious art ideas for kids and families.  For further descriptions and to sign up, go to the SAA website or check out their Facebook page.  For additional questions and help, contact SAA President Janet Cornacchio at (preferred) or 781-608-9691.


Wednesdays.  Hosted by Bob Beaulieu

Weekly, 2-5.  Afternoons for plein air

$10.00 SAA members & students, $15 non-members.

As a program initiated last year, Scituate Arts Association will be holding weekly outdoor portrait/figure workshops at the Ellis campus. These will be held on Wednesday afternoons, from 2 to 5 PM, weekly!  The first workshop will be held June 2nd and will continue through to at least Labor Day weekend. The cost is $10 per SAA membership, $15 for Non-members.  The workshop was initiated by Bob Beaulieu,  last year to maintain social distancing, outdoors , yet still have the experience of working with a live model.  This year, maybe the social distancing is not quite as important, but it's still a great way to hone your figure-painting skills and enjoy a pleasant afternoon outdoors creating new artistic compositions.

Email notifications will be sent weekly for reminders, but do suggest that you contact Bob at to notify him of your intention to join upcoming sessions  and to ensure you are included on the portrait emailing list.


Tony Visco.  Mornings 10:30am-12:30pm.

The ABC's of Drawing, Sketching and Painting for Pleasure-

Draw, Sketch and Paint Your Way to Become a Better Painter.

Join Tony’s online live stream instruction in sketching and painting your way

to success. Zoom your way to an understanding how to achieve better results

in a short period of time.  Tony’s instruction focuses on giving each student individual attention in order to improve drawing, sketching and painting skills. Tony will teach sketching and painting techniques, basic perspective, and how to use value studies for better composition.  Learn how to interpret what you see as you sketch, draw and paint sea, land and city scapes, all from the comfort of your home or studio.  Tony will be sharing a portion of SAA contacts class fees with us.  For details on materials, online class fee, etc., email Tony at

 Sign up at  For details on materials, online class fee, etc., email

Sessions are all $150m/$175nm for 5 sessions.


Mary Beth LoPiccolo. Afternoons: 2:00-5:00

Mary Beth is a highly successful artist with experience in both teaching and commercial art.  During the summer months, the class meets at various locations around Scituate and surrounding towns.  Mary Beth provides a relaxed atmosphere which encourages growth and development.  Each class will include demonstrations & critiques along with individual attention.  

Contact: Janet  Cornacchio at to be added to the groups list serve. 

Sessions meet weekly as long as 4 or more members plan to meet. 

Cost is $30 session.  SAA membership is a prerequisite.