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Judi Getch Brodman's Newly Released Book

In “Til Death Do We Part”, Judi Getch Brodman knits together a young woman, a murder, an unanticipated love, abduction, and the twists and turns that her readers have come to expect.

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'Til Death Do Us Part Cover

"A Silly Animal Alphabet" coming soon!

Maureen Brookfield's children's book will be out soon.

Maureen Brookfield's coming book

Janice Cunnane of Scituate won the raffle

Janice Cunnane of Scituate won the raffle of Marianne Buckley Curran's painting on slate

Buckley Curran raffle piece 300 dpi.jpg

 Summer Fundraiser paintings on slate - $79 !


Lobster Mary LoPiccolo

P. Anthony Visco Awarded 2nd Place at Rhode Island Watercolor Society's 2020 National Water Media Show

We are so pleased to announce that our Gallery Member Tony Visco was awarded Second Place at the Rhode Island Watercolor Society's National Water Media Exhibition for his painting "Beached" below. The work is a depiction of an old fishing trawler stranded on the shore in Plymouth Harbor, Plymouth MA.

Tony Visco